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engineering and manufacturing For Highly reliable magnetic components and assemblies

About Us

Torotel, Inc. ("Torotel") conducts business primarily through its wholly owned subsidiary, Torotel Products, Inc. ("Torotel Products"). Torotel was incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri in 1956. Torotel's offices are located at 620 North Lindenwood Drive, Olathe, Kansas 66062. Its telephone number is (913) 747-6111.

Torotel Products specializes in the custom design and manufacture of a wide variety of precision magnetic components and assemblies, consisting of transformers, inductors, reactors, chokes, toroidal coils, high voltage transformers, dry-type transformers, and electro-mechanical assemblies. Torotel Products sells these products to original equipment manufacturers, which use them in products such as aircraft navigational equipment, digital control devices, airport runway lighting devices, medical equipment, avionics equipment, down-hole drilling, conventional missile guidance systems, and other defense and aerospace applications. Please visit their website at www.torotelproducts.com.

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About Us
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